martedì 30 settembre 2008


(old photo...)

I'm terribly late...

I'm so late I really don't know what to say...

AND I haven't any good excuse for it...

Daring Bakers September Challenge was due just a couple of days ago... but I completely forgotten!

Forgotten the challenge? Oh no, not indeed! I made dutyfully my lavash cracker and a yummy hummus, that, in my opinion, was just the right companion to them... but I completely forget to take pics!!!! I had a dinner, I made them as appetizers and they were gone before I realized the fact: I haven't got a single picture!!!

So now?

So now I can just say "Sorry" to my fellows and feeling a little guilty... but they were delicious and I can say that the hummus was indeed the best choice I could made!
Next time I will try my pasta-maker (the one for lasagne), to made them really thin, because if they had a fault, was that they weren't very thin.

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