martedì 3 gennaio 2012

Definitely Crazy! - 2012 UFO Challenge

I mean... I have already joined a couple of year-long project (namely the Color Palette Challenge and the Free Motion Quilt Along), I have a few projects on my own (well, more than a few, actually, as usual...) and now... I read about the 2012 UFO Challenge and... I'm hooked! So here I am, with my list, but I'm following Judy's advice and I start humble and sensible (no Dear Jane, Judy, I swear!):

1. I will quilt (at last!) the RoundRobin 2009 made with the girls of Patchwork Caffè
2. at least 4 blocks done of the "Mistery-without Mistery" 2009 (definitely not my year, the 2009...)
3. add the border to Kate quilt, at last!
4. I will quilt at least 1 quarter of the Kate quilt (I really need to have this one done this year!!!) - if this number come before the n. 3, I will switch the goals, of course.
5. I will take away all the quilting in my Second Course Sampler...
6. I will quilt my Second Course Sampler...
7. I have prepared two tops for the Quilting Week-End of January, but only one will be done during the "How-to-Do a Perfect Binding" course, so I will need to bind the second.
8. At least a couple of blocks of My Whimsical Garden  (I really like this project!).
9. I bought (mmmh, let me think... it was 2006 or 2007? Mah!) The Cat's Whiskers kit by Material Rewards... I want the top done, this year!

10.  I started, some months ago, collecting large prints for "Carousel", from Cozy Modern Quilts by Kim Schaefer, I would like to cut the fabrics I have so far and start sewing some blocks together.
11. I will quilt one (another) quarter of Kate-quilt (see goal #4, for details)
12. And another quarter of Kate-quilt will be quilted! (Again, see #4 for details)... I really need to finish this (large!) quilt, but I'm so scared: it is sooo big!

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