mercoledì 10 agosto 2011

Stay at Home Round Robin: finished!

Here we are, at last, I'm a little bit late (for my usual standards, BTW), 'cause the dead line was, if I remember right, June, but, hey, it's summer! I definitely have the right to be a lot lazy, this time of the year!

So, here we are:

Honestly, I'm not very happy with my job, but I will display it in my sewing room anyway, because it will be a reminder about how much I have to work on my improvisational side. I'm a pattern follower kinf of quilter, probably because I'm lacking experience, but I feel that my quilter-soul needs more room, new ways to see everyday things... so I need to work-work-work... I'm ready, of course... Are we or not "daring quilters"?????? I definitely am!

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