martedì 16 agosto 2011

Sewing Room

I saw this post by Kathy (Pink Chalk) in the blog of Nichi (Quiltycat): Nichi is a great source of informations about the quilters world for me, she's so active :-) ! And so here I am, to let you see my sewing room: it is not very long time I have a sewing room and I have to figure out a lot in my quest for the "purrfectly organized place"... well, I'm not very organized myself, so it's a very difficult task... by the way, I introduce you my sewing room:

(from the door)

(left side, with my books and the pressing angle)

(right side, with the wardrobe where's my little stash)

(from the window, with design board and the favourite chair of Salem, my cat)

And now, let's go to Pink Chalk to see the very beautiful and very creative spaces quilters of all the world have!

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