martedì 2 dicembre 2008

And the winner is...


I receive this award from Ramona, my secret partner for the ALQS2 hosted by Kate.

I really thank her for this!

Well, I must say 6 things I'm happy about (that's the rule... and then I must pass the award to other six blogs... really difficult choice!).

Ok, let's start...

  1. I'm happy and thankful for my husband: he's the love of my life, today more than 13 years ago...

  2. I'm happy for his daughter: she's not mine, but she is so affectionate and we have such a beautiful time together!

  3. I'm happy for the rest of my family: my parents, my brother, my family-in-law: they all love me and I love them all, too

  4. I'm happy for my friends: they such a bless in my life!

  5. I'm happy for my home: from my window I can see the hills and the castle of my adopted town and feeling in peace

  6. I'm happy because I has been lucky enough to have parents who love me dearly, and I have a honest job, roof over my head, breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and no famine, no war in my life.

And now, I give this award to:

  1. Ramona, with her mix-and-match of Surgery and Quilt... well, it's all about sewing, isn'it ;)... so brilliant!

  2. TulipanoBlu, the wonderful patroness of Patchwork Caffè

  3. Kate, a volcano of ideas!

  4. Francesca, who gave a boost to our forum with her "Sewing together"!

  5. Cindystar, excellent cook and proud mother of 6-say-6 sons, how can she manages, heaven only knows!

  6. my quilting-friends, Francesca e Marina: they haven't a blog, but this is an entirely brand new year! So, who knows?!

1 commento:

Cindystar ha detto...

cavoli...che sbadata...sono passata a farti gli auguri natalizi e non mi sono accorta di questo grande regalo che mi hai fatto!!!
sei troppo speciale a creativa anche tu, lo prendo volentierissimo e me lo tengo strettissimo!