sabato 7 giugno 2008


Oh my! How late am I!!!! The deadline was the 1° of June for this “make-up-for-the-lost-time" daring bakers recipe!!! I’m very very sorry and I apologise for this!
A bit of a history: in our DBs forum a girl of great wit says to all the new DBs: why not a parallel challenge with the old DBs recipes? The recipes that came out when we weren’t Daring Bakers? Wonderful idea, so here I am, with the first of (I hope) many… hot buttered pretzeln. I made a sweet version, with just a pinch of salt and 3 spoons of sugar… enjoy!
The original recipe is from KingArthurFlour and you can find it here.

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monika ha detto...

Ciao bellissimo il tuo blog soprattutto il post della prima lezione di patchwork da Balù...e quelle meraviglie che hai realizzato ciao monicaud

Grazia ha detto...

Grazie per la ricetta!!!!

Susy ha detto...

Ancora a zonzo?